5 Insights From My December Sabbatical

The first day of my sabbatical was the last day of my son's life. Writing that sentence is still strange. I struggle to believe it's true. But it is. I created my sabbatical plans months in advance. But my plan did not match God's plan.

Ditch the Preaching “Rules” For Principles

Thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or somewhere in between? Use notes or no notes? Set structure? Pulpit, table, or nothing? Standing or sitting? Paper Bible or iPad? Preach through books of the Bible or topical series? Altar call or no altar call? Humorous illustrations or no humor?

The Sin Of Disunity

Patrick Lencioni wrote a book in 2002 that has remained a best seller from the time of its publishing until this day. The book is entitled The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. It is a leadership classic beneficial to businesses, churches, families, and any other environment where people need to live and act as a team.

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