Grow Or Die

I have been pastoring The Journey Church for 11+ years now. I was 25 years old during the preparation and launch phases. I turned 26 years old during our first year. To that point in my life, my only leadership experience was from sports as a teenager, the Army, and a role in a small youth ministry. What in the world was I thinking?

Four – Very Short and Simple – Exhortations on Ministry Platforms

There has been quite the discussion in recent days over the topic of platform building. If the platform conversation is new to you, don't feel bad, it probably means you are too busy doing ministry instead of debating about it on social media. In short, the discussion is around whether or not Christians should actively build a platform for ministry. And if so, what is the Christian way to do it?

Life Can Change In A Moment

Just over thirteen years ago I got a phone call that changed my life. It was my wife. We had been in the hospital for a couple months with our ten week premature baby. He had a bad kidney, filled with cysts, that needed to be removed. That day began as a hopeful day. The day prior his bad kidney was removed. We were supposed to be getting discharged from the hospital. We were finally going home.

Four Leadership Lessons Pastors Can Learn From Navy SEALS

I have always been infatuated with the Navy SEALs. I love the movies, documentaries, and books that tell their story. I even trained alongside of SEALs while at Airborne school during my time in the Army. They were incredible. I still enjoy reading about the SEALs, especially on leadership. The armed services as a whole are leadership factories. And the greatest of all those leadership factories are the Navy SEALs.

Praying Revival Onto Our City

The Journey Church exists to show Jesus as incomparably glorious, in Lebanon and beyond. We truly desire to see the lost, broken, and hurting of our community come to a saving faith in Jesus. This should lead us to live as witnesses to His grace in our lives. We should willingly share with others why we follow Christ. We should invite people to experience the collective worship of the saints in praise at church services. All these things should be markers of our lives.

Three Lessons the Growth of MBTS Can Teach Local Churches

The growth of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) is incredible. The school's twitter account posted on April 6th, 2017, "If all trends continue, we are on course to break 3,000 students enrolled this academic year." This is especially impressive when compared to the 1,107 enrolled in the 2010/2011 academic year.

Ditch the Preaching “Rules” For Principles

Thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or somewhere in between? Use notes or no notes? Set structure? Pulpit, table, or nothing? Standing or sitting? Paper Bible or iPad? Preach through books of the Bible or topical series? Altar call or no altar call? Humorous illustrations or no humor?

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