I offer 1-on-1 leadership coaching around the 3 major areas: 1. preaching, 2. personal leadership, and 3. organizational leadership (church leadership and growth). These three areas are key for guys in ministry to feed and lead the flock well. All of it is personalized to you and your context of ministry.

Under preaching we will look at things like: sermon prep, structure of the message, writing, practicing, delivery, evaluating, study, and piercing hearts with the sermon. Under personal leadership we will look at: your individual leadership style, personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your passion and burning burden, communication as a leader, scheduling your days and week, staying organized, learning and growing, personal communion with God, and understanding the basics of leadership (including its importance). Under organizational leadership we will look at: vision, mission, strategy, values, measurables, building teams, developing leaders, leading change, systems, communication, growth barriers, marketing/branding, and gaining clarity and alignment.

A coaching relationship involves bi-weekly phone calls, up to an hour each time, with unlimited email access. There is no contract or set period of time you must commit to.

My passion is to equip ministry leaders to feed and lead the flock well, to the glory of God. I want theologically-minded pastors to feel equipped to lead practically-efficient churches. I know not everyone will be interested, but this is something I wish I would have had and known about when I started pastoring. It would have saved me so much heartache and pain.

Who am I to offer such services? It may seem anyone who believes they can offer help to pastors in preaching and leadership must think themselves the epitome of what every leader should aspire to be. But I am far from perfect. I continue to learn and grow as a leader every day. I have simply been fortunate enough to experience an array of leadership challenges that have taught me valuable lessons. This coaching time is just my best effort to pass those lessons on, not from a pedestal or a position of superiority, but from a humble place, and true desire to see leaders grow and Christ’s church thrive.

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