Cray Cray Community Church

My church is doing something crazy. At least it feels crazy. We are growing rapidly right now. At this time last year we were averaging around 800 people per weekend in our worship gatherings. This year we are pushing 1,200 people per weekend at those same gatherings. The church is growing.

That’s What I’m Paid To Do

This is a post on the importance of leadership in ministry, but that lesson will come via the mouth and decisions of a man you have likely never heard of. David Poile is the General Manager for the Nashville Predators. I am a rabid hockey fan. And I especially love the Predators.

Grow Or Die

I have been pastoring The Journey Church for 11+ years now. I was 25 years old during the preparation and launch phases. I turned 26 years old during our first year. To that point in my life, my only leadership experience was from sports as a teenager, the Army, and a role in a small youth ministry. What in the world was I thinking?

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