Not Whether, But Which

There is no such thing as neutrality. This means that nobody is unbiased. There are no neutral people. Everyone has views on what is true, good, and beautiful.

Say it with me, just so I know you really get it, “There’s no such thing as neutrality.”

Why is this so important to grasp? Well, in the midst of public discourse about things happening in our country and world, everyone pontificates, not just on what they think is the case, but on what ought to be the case. Everyone has views of what is right and how the world should function.

When it comes to morality in our culture – much of which is not very moral at all – there is a dirty little secret most progressives and those against Christianity don’t want you to know: everyone wants to impose their morality. Even further, I would argue that everyone does impose their morality.

Take for example a Christian who says that homosexual relations are sinful. If they express that view to someone or publicly, they will not only be called a bigot, homophobe, or worse, but they will promptly be lectured to that they should not judge. And the lecturer, in this case, will not be an isolated individual, but a mob that is seething with rage and looking to impose some swift justice. Put differently: the Christian who speaks about what he/she thinks is morally good or bad will be promptly taught the lesson that they cannot impose their morality on others, while simultaneously the people telling them aggressively impose theirs.

It’s an incredible sleight of hand that can only be matched by the likes of David Blaine. Christians are made to feel wrong for imposing their morality. When Christians speak about issues of our culture, we are treated like little kids fighting in the back seat of the car being told by our cultural gatekeepers to “keep it down” as we head down the road – or perhaps off the road. We usually comply while throwing an elbow or two in just for good measure.

There are implications for us as we consider a proper worldview understanding. Everyone has a morality they are imposing. Non-Christians are dogmatic in their efforts to impose their morality. So it’s not about whether morality is going to be imposed, but which morality is going to be imposed. Not whether, but which.

As Christians, this is where we have to ensure that our beliefs and views are grounded in God’s Word. We want to have a biblical worldview. Flourishing will only come to the world when we are living in submission to God’s decrees and commands. When we throw off God’s commands and seek to govern ourselves by our own whims and wants, we wreck the car in the ditch.

That is our current culture. We are in the ditch. We defy God’s Word and live as our own gods. The non-Christian moral ethic is defiance to the Living God. And it ends in destruction.

Christians must not retreat to the corner in silence as the world goes to Hell. We must not let the accusations of imposing our morality keep us from speaking out. Of course we are imposing our morality. Everyone does. And we believe our morality is right, not because it is ours, but because God has revealed it in His Word. Next time someone tries to silence you with the accusation that you are imposing your morality, ask them why they want you to stop speaking. If they answer something to the effect of, “It’s okay if we have our own opinions, but we shouldn’t tell other people how to live.” Ask them if that statement applies to their efforts to get you to be quiet. Show them that they are doing the very thing they are condemning – imposing their morality. We have to quit letting people silence us out of the public square of discourse.

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