Four – Very Short and Simple – Exhortations on Ministry Platforms

There has been quite the discussion in recent days over the topic of platform building. If the platform conversation is new to you, don’t feel bad, it probably means you are too busy doing ministry instead of debating about it on social media. In short, the discussion is around whether or not Christians should actively build a platform for ministry. And if so, what is the Christian way to do it?

Most people have some type of platform. If you are on social media, you have a platform. If you blog, you have a platform. If you have a ministry position, you have a platform. If anyone is following or under your leadership, in any area of life, you have a platform. Having a platform is not bad. Desiring a larger platform is not inherently bad. But we must think wisely about this subject.

Here are four – very short and simple – exhortations on thinking and working through your ministry platform.

1. Do what the Lord has called you to do.

If the Lord has given you gifts for teaching through preaching and/or writing, then use those gifts. Do not try to live out someone else’s calling. Be you. Discover your gifts and passions. Let your actions be led by God’s prompting and calling, not what others are doing or tell you that you should be doing.

2. Do it well.

If the Lord has given you gifts to use and a passion to direct them towards, then do it well. Be faithful to learn, grow, and sharpen your ministry skills. More importantly than ministering to large numbers of people is the goal of ministering effectively. Get better at what you do by learning from others and doing it regularly.

3. Be willing to do it in obscurity.

If you have been called by the Lord to do something, it should not matter if 1,000 people are recipients of it, or 10. If you are not willing to do something in obscurity, then you are not likely called by God to do it. Reality check: most of the people you hear about and/or see with large ministry platforms labored for years in obscurity before you or anyone else heard about them. There are simply no such things as overnight successes. It is a myth. So be willing to labor in obscurity if the Lord has called you to a task.

4. Steward well what platform the Lord gives you.

If ten people read your blog or thirty people listen to you preach, then faithfully steward that influence. If you want God to trust you with 300, 3,000, or 30,000 listeners or readers, be faithful with 30. And do not be faithful to 30, because you want 300 or 3,000, but because you want to be faithful to steward the influence God has given you. Proper stewardship of the platform the Lord gives you is not just about doing it for smaller numbers, but doing it in a way that pleases and glories Him, despite the numbers.

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