Praying Revival Onto Our City

The Journey Church exists to show Jesus as incomparably glorious, in Lebanon and beyond.

We truly desire to see the lost, broken, and hurting of our community come to a saving faith in Jesus. This should lead us to live as witnesses to His grace in our lives. We should willingly share with others why we follow Christ. We should invite people to experience the collective worship of the saints in praise at church services. All these things should be markers of our lives.

We have a great opportunity this week to be inviting people to join us for worship gatherings on Easter weekend. We have an incredible number of options for people’s convenience to join us. Good Friday is going to focus exclusively on the finished work of Jesus at the cross for us. Saturday and Sunday Victory Services are going to celebrate the resurrection and all that it means for us today. Be inviting this week.


But in addition to witnessing and inviting, we should be praying. We must pray for those who need Christ. Lets pray for churches in our area. Lets pray that God would bring revival to our communities. I desire to see the banner of “Christ crucified and raised” flying over Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Watertown, Hartsville, Alexandria, and far beyond. He is worthy of the praise of all peoples. This should lead us to pray revival onto our city.

Bliss Spiller says this about us praying for our cities,

“Praying for the mission of God in our cities is one of the beautiful ways we join God in His renewal and redemption of our city. Let us be people who are marked not just by lives on mission in the everyday, but people who intercede daily and earnestly on behalf of our cities.”

Lets heed this wisdom and charge, and pray for revival to come.

  • Another great article on why we should pray for revival can be found here

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